Help the festival as a volunteer in any role, whether serving during the festival days or year-round on the board.

Our mission is to connect Hopkins by honoring our past, celebrating our present, and inspiring our future.

Since 1935, the Raspberry Festival has been a celebration of Hopkins held the third weekend of July. The goal is to connect the community, support local businesses, and promote Hopkins.

People of all ages from all over the metro come to participate in events, including entertainment, food, and activities. We host a Marketplace fair, which is an arts and crafts event; a Raspberry Royalty coronation, where we select new representatives for the year; and a Grande Day Parade, which draws thousands of visitors to Hopkins.

The festival is run by volunteers who work all year to support the mission and develop future leaders of the community.

Festival History

Learn how decades of the Hopkins tradition began in 1935.


See all the Raspberry Festival Sponsors. Please consider supporting the Hopkins Raspberry Festival mission to help provide its residents and businesses a time to celebrate and remember that all of us working together make Hopkins exceptional!


The Raspberry Festival Royalty tradition began at the first Raspberry Festival with the crowning of a Raspberry Queen and her court, who were all daughters of raspberry farmers.

Now a team of a Queen and Princesses serve for an entire year traveling to represent the community of Hopkins and acting as ambassadors. They also spend the year developing leadership skills through a coaching and mentoring program facilitated by the Raspberry Festival Royalty Committee.

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