Our Heritage


Our Float

For over 25 years our float served the Raspberry Festival and Hopkins well! It has been in continuous service since 1991, when the Raspberry Festival commissioned its construction, until wear and tear forced its retirement in 2017. The float measured 12 feet tall and more than 30 feet long- and that’s not including the van that towed it!

Our Junior Royalty rode on a mechanical merry-go-round while our Senior Ambassadors relaxed on the lovely park bench. The Princesses had fun as they rode up and down on the teeter-totter. And our Queen enjoyed the view from her swing.

The Hopkins Raspberry Festival redesigned the float in 2013 to portray a raspberry basket to honor the history of the festival which started by businessmen and farmers during the Great Depression to boost businesses in Hopkins.

Over the many years it was in service, the float won dozens of awards from parades in communities around Minnesota and Wisconsin. The float was part of the identity of the Hopkins Raspberry Festival Royal Family, and was immediately recognized among parade watchers.

Unfortunately, time took its toll and was simply unable to continue the demands of the parade circuit. The Raspberry Royalty float shall be missed but we proudly remember our float for its countless memories.


Past Raspberry Royalty

The lineage of the Hopkins Raspberry Festival Royalty goes all the way back to the very first Raspberry Festival in 1935. If you have any group pictures of past years, please send them to us!


2022 - 2023

Queen Raelin Karstens, Princess Hanna Anderla, Princess Salma Gelle

2021 - 2022

Queen Lexi Wuetrich, Princess Louisa Darr, Princess Lauren Horgen

2019 - 2021

Queen Jayda Bagstad, Princess CJ Davis, Princess Riker Weiler

2018 - 2019

Queen Ashley Normandin, Princess Kallie Jo Ascheman, Princess Katie Costello
Junior Queen Aubrey Eggleston, Junior Princess MeAyila Priere
Senior Queen Robin Price, Senior King William Steacker

2017 - 2018

Queen Natalie Jacobwith, Princess Kelly Flanders, Princess Chloe Ekstrum
Junior Queen Charlotte Sommervold, Junior Princess Elsa Braendlin
Senior Queen Deb Winter-Renfro, Senior King Jay Graziani

2016 - 2017

Queen Jezebel Flores, Princess Katelynn Throne, Princess Sophrona LaVasseur
Junior Queen Catherine Le Grand, Junior Princess Hayden Ford
Senior Queen Maggie Novak, Senior King Ray Novak

2015 - 2016


Queen Kayla Lindquist, Princess Tia Hernandez, Princess Kristine Ahles
Junior Queen Grace Lumley, Junior King Jackson Rekow, Junior Princess Maggie Polston,
Junior Prince Brekken Beauclaire
Senior Queen Diane Helgesson, Senior King Ron Helgeson

2014 - 2015

Queen Sally Meyer, Princess Keyah Adams, Princess McKenna Moe
Junior Queen Chloe Hoff, Junior King Nathan Dobbs, Junior Princess Tullia Kelly,
Junior Prince Hunter Jenkins
Senior Queen Mary Kay Hawks, Senior King Glenn Spears

2013 - 2014


Queen Elijah Carter, Princess Taylor Wind, Princess Mariah Peterson
Junior Queen Logan Norrid, Junior King Aidan Koehn, Junior Princess Ivy Carr,
Junior Prince David Rothman
Senior Queen Theresa Sydness, Senior King Douglas Dyrland


Queen Tiara Gowen, Princess Samantha Anderson, Princess Jimilyn Rouse
Junior Queen Hanna Anderla, Junior King Emmanuel Patterson, Junior Princess Divya Ramanan,
Junior Prince Bennett Frodermann
Senior Queen Mary Jo Mileski, Senior King Dean Empanger


2011-2012 Royal Family photo

Queen Karissa Mathiason, Princess Lizzie Wallner, Princess Taylor Jensen
Junior Queen Nicolette Stabno, Junior King Adam Rothman, Junior Princess Taylor Meyers,
Junior Prince Williams
Senior Queen Trudy Reinitz, Senior King Jim Gall


2010-2011 Royal Family photo

Queen Paige Boulger, Princess Jessica Heid
Junior Queen Claire Nicholson, Junior King Sam Roles, Junior Princess Mia Wilcox,
Junior Prince Anthony Olson
Senior Queen Judy Johnson, Senior King Allan Johnson


2009-2010 Royal Family photo

Queen Megan Hinderman, Princess Kirsten Raines, Princess Samantha Valdez
Junior Queen Jada Gordan, Junior King Luke Endres, Junior Princess Jenna Basdeo,
Junior Prince Jaelen Treml
Senior Queen Joan Markham, Senior King John Markham


2008-2009 Royal Family photo

Queen Abby Massee, Princess Staci Lee Smith, Princess Heather Sahr
Junior Queen Cassy Huiras, Junior King Archie Brown, Junior Princess Lizzy Sirianni,
Junior Prince Ayush Srivastava
Senior Queen Dodie Mord, Senior King Josef Obermaier


2007-2008 Royal Family photo

Queen Emily George, Princess Lily Guimond, Princess Mary McKee
Junior Queen Meghan Woodruff, Junior King Tony Newhouse, Junior Princess Olivia Gallagher,
Junior Prince Zachery Frazier
Senior Queen Marge Albrecht, Senior King Dale Stiele


2006-2007 Royal Family photo

Queen Andrea Strand, Princess Sarah Barnard, Princess Mary Dillon
Junior Queen Camille Thate, Junior King Joseph Ahles, Junior Princess Raelin Karstens,
Junior Prince Nicholas Flanders
Senior Queen Marilyn Johnson


2005-2006 Royal Family photo

Queen Aubree Newville, Princess Krystle Gerdts
Junior Queen Emily Evans, Junior King Morgan Brown, Junior Princess Lexi Wuetrich,
Junior Prince Blake Northrup
Senior Queen Joan DeCosse, Senior King Al DeCosse


2004-2005 Royal Family photo

Queen Angie Barlage, Princess Colleen Gilbert, Princess Lauren Paulson
Junior Queen Angela Hanson, Junior King Alex Swenson, Junior Princess Ingrid Werner,
Junior Prince Evan Cummings
Senior Queen Carol Ann Carlson, Senior king Bob Samples

2003 – 2004

2003-2004 Royal Family photo

Queen Renee Drinkwine, Princess Tara Aiken, Princess Beth Williams
Junior Queen Callan Showers, Junior King Romain Caille, Junior Princess Stephanie Streifert,
Junior Prince Bradley Gleeman
Senior Queen Anette Poeschel, Senior King Vern Sweeney (not Pictured)

2002 – 2003

2002-2003 Royal Family photo

Queen Rosie McNamee, Princess Jill Enzenhauer, Princess Janine Larsen
Junior Queen Rebecca Van Horne, Junior King Caleb Goodman, Junior Princess Allison Tuuri,
Junior Prince Derek Peterson
Senior Queen Jane Whipple, Senior King Paul Slaton


2001-2002 Royal Family photo

Queen Selena Dieringer, Princess Brittany Balder, Princess Natalie Thuening
Junior Queen Waverly Johnston, Junior King Joey Prusak, Junior Princess Arynn Akridge,
Junior Prince William Huttner
Senior Queen Lorraine Beversdorf , Senior King John Hamer

2000 – 2001

2000-2001 Royal Family photo

Queen Melissa Specken, Princess Elizabeth Oldre, Princess Melany Kelso
Junior Queen Hayley Nybo, Junior King Jason Showers, Junior Princess Katie Haynes,
Junior Prince Zach Thelen
There were no Senior Ambassadors


Queen Jayme Forstrom, Princess Amy Dols, Princess Aimee Anderson
Junior Queen Lauren Samuels, Junior King Jason Fechner, Junior Princess Grace Doherty, Junior Prince Quinn Hobs
Senior Queen Elaine Carlson, Senior King Art Rogers


1998-1999 Royal Family

Queen Kori Redepenning, Princess Brenna Danziezen, Princess Katie Machtan
Junior Queen Hayley Hammon, Junior King Dustin Stone, Junior Princess Jimilyn Rouse, Junior Prince Chad Dehler
Senior Queen Fern Byram, Senior King Warren Berguam


Queen Shannon Unze, Princess Carrie McCarville, Princess Rebecca Laisy
Junior Queen Jenna Peterson, Junior King George Hanson, Junior Princess Amanda Johnson, Junior Prince Stetson Smith
Senior Queen Mabel Odden, Senior King Gil Kehr


Queen Kristi Klug, Princess Stacy Smith, Princess Jenae Bonine
Junior Queen Staci Smith, Junior King Justin Samuels, Junior Princess Mckenzie Mackintosh, Junior Prince Nathan Throne
Senior Queen Jeanne Voight, Senior King Vernon Isaak


Queen Tanis Waibel, Princess Sarah Thole, Princess Jamie Lucas
Junior Queen Sarah Johnson, Junior King Spenser Smith, Junior Princess Brittany Essig, Junior Prince Andrew Foreman
Senior Queen Joy Brinwall, Senior King Bob Ringold


Queen Dawn Welch, Princess Angie Jacobson, Princess Lisa Krienke
Junior Queen Laura Hacker, Junior King Brett Peterson, Junior Princess Sidney Zirbes, Junior Prince Rollan Ottness Jr.
Senior Queen Lil Lindstrom, Senior King Paul Bengston


Queen Kristi Svee, Princess Jen Ehret, Princess Corrine Ameter
Junior Queen Shandi Winslow, Junior King Ben Goodlund, Junior Princess Vanessa Percy, Junior Prince Steven Gershien
Senior Queen Dorothy Pavelka, Senior King Ty Able


Queen Ruth Rasmussen, Princess Sarah Medchill, Princess Kathy McElwynn
Junior Queen Lindsey Powers, Junior King Louis Trejo III, Junior Princess Jackie Perlman, Junior Prince Nicholas Knutson
Senior Queen Jeanne Jeffords, Senior King Ernie Prince


Queen Jennifer Mitlyng, Princess Heather Harrington, Princess Anne Techam
Junior Queen Janine Larson, Junior King  Sean Dewyer, Junior Princess Allison Maier, Junior Prince Nick Chalmers
Senior Queen Jennie Tomlinson, Senior King Randy Rowe


Queen Lisa Delano, Princess Julie Hall, Princess Nicole Perry
Junior Queen Amy Reissh, Junior King Timothy Nelson, Junior Princess Sara Lippert, Junior Prince Michael Hamilton
Senior Queen Betty Carroll, Senior King Joey Carlson


Queen Kristen Joseph, Princess Nancy Joarnt, Princess Angela Locke
Junior Queen Kara Landon, Junior King Devin Dwyer, Junior Princess Libby Saloka, Junior Prince Damon Shiff
Senior Queen Eunice Andren, Senior King Virg Cathers


1988-1989 Royal Family photo

Queen Aimee Nelson, Princess Kathy Kuchinka, Princess Jackie LaRue
Junior Queen Aimee Anderson, Junior King Garin Fons, Junior Princess Breanne Thompson, Junior Prince Michael Will
Senior Queen Gladys Johnson, Senior King Bob Smith


Queen Laurie Heeler, Princess Mary Quinn, Princess Melissa Rekowski
Junior Queen Tracy Settor, Junior King Jason Luzford, Junior Princess Sarah Olson, Junior Prince Jack Kindt
Senior Queen Helen Blodgett, Senior King George Brandenburger


Queen Heather Edwards, Princess Cherrie Berglund, Princess Colleen Boerner
Junior Queen Jeanne Kramer, Junior King Scott Juntti, Junior Princess Simone Smith, Junior Prince Jeremy Sybrant
Senior Queen Verna Blaha, Senior King Del Kallberg


Queen Kristine Ostmoe, Princess Wendy Erickson, Princess Paula Johnson
Junior Queen Kristina Mitchell, Junior King Timothy Nordin, Junior Princess Jenny Westmorland, Junior Prince Ryen Fons
Senior Queen Roberta Carlson, Senior King Leo Welch


Queen Ann Dolon, Princess Brenda Dorweiler, Princess Sue Boen
Junior Queen Diana Dominquez, Junior King Todd Perwien, Junior Princess Gina Georgiev, Junior Prince T.J. Bonnett
Senior Queen Alfreada Addy, Senior King Frank Snyder


Queen Suzanne Peirson, Princess Andrea Elliot, Princess Robin Davies
Junior Queen Lindsey Weiler, Junior King Sean Erickson, Junior Princess Kelly Wold, Junior Prince Sean Mackey
Senior Queen Gen Maas, Senior King Les Dundas


Queen Sloane Stewart, Princess Mary Treloar, Princess Nicki Mashek
Junior Queen Victoria Wood, Junior King Michael Johnson, Junior Princess Karley Velner, Junior Prince Phillip Wright
Senior Queen Lillian Snyder, Senior King Richard Olson


Queen Cindy Rekowski, Princess Sheila Rieman, Princess Joyce Dreher
Junior Queen Tracy Dudycha, Junior King Lyle Peterson, Junior Princess Buffy Johnson, Junior Prince Spencer Bradford
Senior Queen Mary Michl, Senior King Dwight Boese


1988-1989 Royal Family photo

Queen Cathy Berger, Princess Lori Lisle, Princess Sue Ransdell
Junior Queen Renee Makeswari Junior King Gavin Rydell, Junior Princess Molly Etmier, Junior Prince Jeremy Anderson
Senior Queen Ruth Monitor, Senior King Mel Werness


Queen Cathy Linsmeier, Princess Mary Madden, Princess Ann Wolf
Junior Queen Anne Techam, Junior King Shawn Johnson, Junior Princess Meredith Doushee, Junior Prince Todd Helmer
Senior Queen Mary Shonka, Senior King Frank Kucera


1978-1979 Royal Family photo

Queen Julie Pugh, Princess Patty Mason, Princess Patty Rolfe
Junior Queen Lisa Strauss, Junior King Darren Tilbury, Junior Princess Carrie Nelson,
Junior Prince Ricky Wilmot



Queen Laura Rekowski, Princess Merry Murray, Princess Carol Kahn
Junior Queen Megan Hollinbeck, Junior King Scott Anderson, Junior Princess Carrie Beth Saba,
Junior Prince Bill Medchill


Queen Charlene Sewall, Princess Sandy Bury, Princess Bonnie Anderson, Princess Jodi Miller
Junior Queen Roxanne Holm, Junior King todd Hines, Junior Princess Liby Rydell, Junior Prince Brian Broholm


Queen Wendy Ostlund, Princess Nancy Moore, Princess Lana Rae Gayken, Princess Liz Powers, Princess Nancy Wagner
Junior Queen Stazy Larson, Junior King Cory Hanson, Junior Princess Debbie Hanson, Junior Prince Vance Baran


Queen Erin Shea, Princess Cindy Ship, Princess Patty Hoey, Princess Kathy Swanson
Junior Queen Lisa Glatzer, Junior King Jon Voss, Junior Princess Julianna Wolter, Junior Prince Brian Glatzer


Queen Mary Kay Thalen, Princess Lori Fenton, Princess Mary Novak, Princess Stacy Speaker, Princess Linda Kurtzbein
Junior Queen Keri Guenther, Junior King Erica Redepenning, Junior Princess Carrie Ginger Klugman, Junior Prince Tim Kraemer


Queen Peggy McNeil, Princess Lori Johnson, Princess Nancy Holes
Junior Queen Sherri Bryan, Junior King Bob Bing, Junior Princess Noelle Clark, Junior Prince John Xochichus


Queen Phyllis Thompson, Princess Jeanne Hanson, Princess Rita Shermeister,
Junior Queen Kimberly Sheets, Junior King John La Rue


Queen Sharry Weidner, Princess Laura Drake, Princess Linda McNamara
Junior Queen Tammy Rutledge, Junior King Todd Nelson, Junior Princess Lisa Bevan, Junior Prince David Pester


Queen Maureen Wagner, Princess Debbie Lee, Princess JoNell Hesketh
Junior Queen Lisa Lee Ranolla, Junior King Derek Dragotis


Queen Jenny Jubenville, Princess Patricia Trombley, Princess Kay Gustafson
Junior Queen Jill Gerling, Junior King Paul Xochichus


Queen Lynda Lee, Princess Kathy Wiggins, Princess Cindy Wagner, Princess Ellen Starich
Junior Queen Kathleen Schaub, Junior King Edward Kearney


Queen Sharon Wagner, Princess Barb Osadky, Princess Pam Freeman
Junior Queen Ellen Meyer, Junior King Terrance Pumber


Queen Diane Hed, Princess Candy Wilson, Princess Penny Gadbois
Junior Queen Mary Arimond, Junior King Chuck Croequaert, Junior Princess Robin Beebe, Junior Princes Paul Belvedere


Queen Sandy Kalliwik, Princess Jean Herman, Princess Kathy Lavelle


Queen Janie Johnson
Junior Queen Vicki Huttner, Junior King Mike Madden, Junior Princess Jennifer Hanson, Junior Prince Greg Smith


Queen Sue Sheets


Queen Mary Jane Blaha, Princess Penny Hegland, Princess Penny Bren


Queen Nancy Justus, Princess Lyn Dahlberg, Princess Jenny Sheets
Junior Queen Mary Kay Tholen


Queen Mary Helin, Princess Arlene Jacobsen, Princess Maxine Suhl
Junior Queen Judy Nelson, Junior King Ken Shallman


Queen Darlene Harstad, Princess Sharon Andre, Princess Janice Sterzinger


Queen Corinne Johnson, Princess Debbie Moilanen, Princess DeDe Demler
Junior Queen Mary Hoidal, Junior King Marc Whitworth


Queen Deanne Brollard, Princess COrinne Johnson, Princess Jeanne Berge


Queen Sandra Russell, Court: Jackie Edeskutg, Anna Gastner, Judy Moilanen, Ann Bixby


Queen Myrna Jo Winge, Court: Yvonne Edwards Barbara Brill, Kathleen Gardner, Sonja Carlson


Queen Liz Seltz
Court: Bernice Anderson, Jane Nelson, Cecilia Robertson, Yvonne Kopitsky


Queen Rosemary Quinn
Court: Barbara Berkey, Myrtle Jensen, Leslie Geyer, Gretchen Robe, Mary Brunsvold


Queen Benita Johnson
Court: Grace Nolan, Danene Hagen, Patricia Grey, Virginia Moes


Queen Betty Barnhart
Court: Donna Mae Bush, Beverly Parks, Virginia Moes, Marie Walker


Queen Marjorie Higgins
Court: Delores Dunn, Cherlene Ehmiller, JoAnne Wirtz, Nancy Kelly


Queen Bernice Rogers
Court: Charlene Ehmiller, Monica Huber, Beverly Parks, Mae Joey Pokorny


Queen Claire Baker
Court: Corinne Navrati, Pat McGuire, Dione Anderson, Marcia Head


Queen Pat Perks
Court: Joyce McClure, Dorothy Milbert, Patricia McNally, Bernice Owinski


Queen Mary Lou Gobeil
Court: Terry Sidla, Arlene Dvorak, Beulah Morgan, Lorraine Henke


Queen Sylvia Zellinger
Court: Rose Mary Haas, Verda Wolfe, Joyce Vraspir, Jeanne Dvorak


Queen Darleen Borgmann
Court: Donna Randall, Beaulah Pearson, Betty Heiland, Evelyn Sapp


Queen Mary Ann Rogers
Court: Joyce Moore, Marie Steiner, Marilyn Dvorak, Clarice Leach


Queen Betty Stodola
Court: Lucille Espensen, Alice Olson, Bernice Klingilhut, Helen Dianis


Queen Hazel Habeck
Court: Beverly Habeck, Evelyn Mikalko, Phyllis Skogman, Thelma Olson


Queen Ethel Bartels
Court: Louise Ringstad, Ann Knoff, Ellen Diamish, Rosella Nemec, Dorothy Koelfgen, Dolores Schmidt


Queen Josephine Landgraf
Court: Arlene McLain, Caroline Empenger


Queen Ann Bocko
Court: Jane DeLashmutt, Grace Dumke, Myrtle Thaemert, Myrtle Thomas, LaVonne Skottegaard, Dorothy Hocket


Queen Helen Kvetensky
Court: Florence Chastek, Arlene McLain, Caroline Empenger, Beatrice Molzahn, Adele Petrak, Eleanor Slanga


Queen Edna Brokl
Court: Margaret Rogers, Marian Crowley, Bessie Shenkyr, Virginia Carlson