Hunt for the Golden Raspberry and Clean Up Event

Each year, a medallion about the size of your palm is hidden somewhere in Hopkins during the festival. The person who finds it first earns a $300 cash prize.

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Clues to finding the medallion will begin appearing Wednesday, July 17, 2024. The clues will be posted on the website and social media at 8:00 am each day.

Golden Raspberry Hunt Rules

  • The Golden Raspberry will be hidden on public property within the Hopkins city limits.
  • Clues will be posted on the festival's website, and on social media at 8:00 a.m. and each day thereafter.
  • It will be found outdoors.
  • It will be in an open area, not buried or hidden.
  • It will not be hidden in a place more than six feet high.
  • Please Keep in Mind: Property must not be damaged during the search for the Golden Raspberry.
  • Previous winners of the hunt, and their immediate family (e.g. parents, spouses, brothers/sisters, children), are not eligible for prize consideration for five (5) years after winning the hunt.
  • Hunt winners will be announced on the Raspberry Jam main stage, Central Park on Saturday.

New In 2024! Help clean up in your community while looking for the Golden Raspberry Medallion! Join the Hopkins Raspberry Festival and Designs Rooted in Nature for this new addition to the hunt. Starting Wednesday, July 17, at 8am, stop by x to pick up a trash bag to bring along on your search. Make sure to always follow Leave No Trace principles while you collect items that don't belong in our parks. Want to share your experience with us or did you find something interesting while out? Tag us at #hopkinsraspberryfestival. Thank you for being a part of this initiative! Good luck and happy hunting!

Clue #1 - It’s the 90th Hopkins Raspberry Festival! A celebration going strong since 1935!!!
It’s time for the hunt to find the Golden Raspberry, what a great time to be alive.
While searching, one pitch: please pick up any trash! Cleaning up Hopkins is not that hard!
As for where to start looking for the coin, it’s located south of Minnetonka Boulevard!!!

Clue #2 - Day two of the Golden Raspberry hunt and yesterday’s minimal clue was kind of a stinker!
This reminds us to help pick up trash in the city, while these clues make you a thinker!
East of 17th, near a place that used to go west, some water was moved to develop.
Heads and lights put you somewhere nearby. The madness of these clues will envelop!

Congrats to James Holt! He was the lucky person to find the 2024 Golden Raspberry!  The medallion was located in Oakes Park, near a fence post.

Thank you for playing, and we will see you next year!

Previous Hunt Winners

2024: James Holt

2023: Shaun Pakenham

2022: Tom Lauinger

2021: Joe Prusak

2020: Ben Goodlund

2019: Gary Wong

2018: Mike Schatz

2017: Chris Aanestad

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