Volunteer With Us!

Volunteer With Us!

Festival Volunteers

Applications are also being accepted for general volunteers!  No strings attached. Put in as much time as you have available, skip the monthly meetings, and the governance. If you have a passion for volunteering, we want to hear from you!

If interested, call us at 952-931-0878 or email: [email protected].  Ready to apply?  Please the complete the festival volunteer application and e-mail your completed application to: [email protected]. This application does not have a deadline.

Thank you for your interest!


Board of Directors

Applications are now being accepted to serve in a governance role with the Hopkins Raspberry Festival Board of Directors or as a festival volunteer!

The role of a board member is to facilitate the general management and control of the festival association. The term of a board member is three years. The position is voluntary and is not compensated. Board meetings are typically held once per month.

In addition to playing a pivotal role of the annual festival, board members approve monthly reports from the festival's charitable gaming operation, participates in strategic planning, and serves as a chief vision officer. Additional subcommittee opportunities are available including leadership programs, marketing and finance.

Board members come from every walk of life. The association is looking for new members that have skillsets in leadership, budget planning, charitable gaming operations, finance, and sponsorship.

Interested? Please give us a call at 952-931-0878 or email: [email protected]. A member of the board will reach out to you to discuss the role further. Ready to apply? Please complete the Board of Directors application and e-mail your completed application to: [email protected]. Application deadline is September 30, 2024.