The Raspberry Leadership Workshop

Join us for a 6 session leadership workgroup to begin defining your future and build leadership skills in a community service setting. These sessions will include building a LinkedIn profile, practice interviewing, learning self defense and volunteering at Feed My Starving Children. There will also be a night of fun at a Minnesota Twins game. And more!

At the end of the leadership experience you can choose if you’d like to continue your leadership development by serving as our Raspberry Royalty, where you will serve the Hopkins community and continue to build leadership skills while volunteering and representing Hopkins around Minnesota.

Experience the Raspberry Leadership Workshop to help you succeed!

Questions? Call 952.931.0878 or e-mail the Workshop Coordinator.

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Current Status of Senior and Junior Royalty Programs

After much deliberation, the Hopkins Raspberry Festival Royalty Committee determined that our Senior and Junior Royalty programs will be temporarily paused. This will allow us to evaluate the program and its goals through the lens of current times.

The Hopkins Raspberry Festival conducts an annual review of its programs, in an effort to maintain relevance within the festival, community, and state. The purpose of our royalty program is to provide a platform for developing strong, competent, and independent local women who will use those skills for the betterment of their community now and in the future. In order to balance our tradition in a new era, we have decided to focus on the young women’s royalty program. Our plan is to re-evaluate the purpose and the role that the royalty will have within the Hopkins Raspberry Festival.

In order to do this with fidelity, we will be taking all-hands on deck approach. Once changes are implemented, and the program overhaul in full swing; then we will follow the same process for the rest of the Royal Family. We appreciate your support as we do what we believe is the best for this amazing program.