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Golden Raspberry Medallion

Hunt for the Golden Raspberry/Golden Raspberry Selfie Contest

Changes have been made to the Golden Raspberry Contest! The contest is now split between the traditional Hunt for the Golden Raspberry, and a new event, the Golden Raspberry Selfie Contest. Prize denominations for the two events include: Hunt for Golden Raspberry ($300), Individual Selfie ($100), and Family and/or Group Selfie ($100).

Golden Raspberry Contest Rules 

  • The Golden Raspberry will be hidden on public property within the Hopkins city limits
  • Clues will be posted at the sponsor’s location, the festival’s web site, and on social media at 8:00 a.m. and each day thereafter
  • It will be found outdoors
  • It will be in an open area, not buried or hidden
  • It will not be hidden in a place more than six feet high

Clue #1 – Let’s start by narrowing this year’s search, For the 2017 Golden Raspberry’s perch! It’s going to be south of the Souba/Campbell line, But don’t go past Miller’s place, and you’ll be fine!
Clue #2 – Hilltop is too far north to say the least, And the beautiful Cottageville is too far to the east, Shady Oak’s waves are too far west, Near a benevolent place is where you’ll do best!
Clue #3 – Is it still too vague? This problem we aim to fix! Going past of the rail lines will get you in the mix! Narrowing down the location to help your plight; They undid the straightening to make things right!
Clue #4 – Let’s see if I can help your confused condition. Look to the east of the Davidson Addition! But not in the construction! Avoid their roadwork. From the top of the hill nearby is your perk!
Clue #5 – Final Day, so let’s make it simple. Steiner made us smile, so we show our dimples! But not too close to the dangerous arrows; Look in the grass where the park narrows!

Golden Raspberry Found! –¬†Congratulations Chris Aanestad, the 2017 Hopkins Raspberry Festival Golden Raspberry winner! ¬†The Golden Raspberry was located in tall grass near the archery range. Thanks for playing! Don’t forget to post your selfies! Another $100 in two categories is available!

Golden Raspberry Selfie Contest Rules

  • The Golden Raspberry Selfie Contest begins the first Monday of the festival, and each day thereafter, totaling five (5) days
  • Clues will be posted at the sponsor’s location, the festival web site, and on social media at 8:00 a.m. each day.
  • The clue will guide you to a location within the Hopkins city limits. Take a selfie picture individually and/or as a family or group. Make sure your selfie includes the location in the background
  • Post the selfie to each of the festival’s social media platforms with the hashtag “#raspberrycapital”. Social media platforms include: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Each individual social media account may post an individual selfie picture and a family or group selfie picture per day. By the end of the week, each individual social media account could have a total of five (5) selfie individual entries, and five (5) selfie family or group entries
  • Selfies must be posted no later than 6:00 p.m. on Friday, prior to the Family Day event. In order to be eligible for the cash prize, you must follow or like the social media pages

Clue #1 – Time to show us your pretty faces, To Central Park is where you’re due! Even though the ice is long gone, You’ll be cool with the hockey rink scoreboard behind you!
Clue #2 – Let’s go visit one of the smallest parks, “Tickle me Selfie!” If you please! Just make sure the park’s sign (not Sesame!), Is behind you when you say ‘Cheese!’
Clue #3 – Cottageville Park is a newer park; A beautiful place with a lot of style! Amongst the colorful play equipment, Is where you need to give us your smile!
Clue #4 – North, north, north is where you’re headed, Next to the pretty Minnehaha Creek! If the perfect selfie is what you Preserve, By the canoe launch is the photo you seek!
Clue #5 – The most famous clock in Hopkins, On Main Street, if you’re out and about, It’s your final location, but tick tock, Selfie Time for 2017 is running out!

Golden Raspberry Selfie Contest Winners: Individual, Vanessa Satsu and Family/Group, Leann Warnest Manning!

Please Keep in Mind

  • Property must not be damaged during the search for the Golden Raspberry or while taking selfie photos
  • Previous winners of the contest, and their immediate family (e.g. parents, spouses, brothers/sisters, children), are not eligible for prize consideration for five (5) years after winning the contest
  • Contest winners will be announced on the Family Days Main Stage, Central Park on Saturday
  • Selfie contest winners in the two categories: Individual, and Family or Group setting will be randomly selected as long as they meet the criteria of the contest

The 2018 Golden Raspberry program sponsor is Alan Beck, Farmers Insurance, located at 703 Mainstreet.

Good luck and happy hunting!