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Golden Raspberry Medallion

Hunt for the Golden Raspberry

Each year, a medallion about the size of your palm is hidden somewhere in Hopkins during the festival. The person who finds it first earns a $300 cash prize. Clues to finding the medallion will begin appearing Monday, July 13, 2020. The clues will be posted on the website and social media at 8:00 am each day.

Golden Raspberry Contest Rules 

  • The Golden Raspberry will be hidden on public property within the Hopkins city limits
  • Clues will be posted on the festival’s web site, and on social media at 8:00 a.m. and each day thereafter
  • It will be found outdoors
  • It will be in an open area, not buried or hidden
  • It will not be hidden in a place more than six feet high

Golden Raspberry Contest Winner – 2019: Gary Wong
Golden Raspberry Contest Winner – 2018: Mike Schatz
Golden Raspberry Contest Winner – 2017: Chris Aanestad

Clue #1 – It’s the 2019 Raspberry Festival, 85 years of Hopkins fun! For this year’s Golden Raspberry, you’d better prepare to be #1!
No need to look far to the east, and there’s no need to look far to the west; From the ground to the air, looking for a straight line would be best!

Clue #2 – The search for the Golden Raspberry is on; you’re starting to get warm! But as you’re carving out a path, tough clues have become the norm!
Since most of Hopkins was once farms, that wouldn’t be a clue. This year, it’s not in the grass, someplace more urban. That’d be true!

Clue #3 – All hands on deck, let’s start to make your search more golden! But for needed success, some history to make you embolden!
Remember it’s before 20,19 where this years search occurs. Near an old gravel pit, near where Mr. Adams visited, please refer!

The Golden Raspberry has been found! It was located at the Overpass Skate Park. Congratulations, Gary Wong! We will see you Saturday at the Families in the Park Event to claim your prize!

Please Keep in Mind

  • Property must not be damaged during the search for the Golden Raspberry or while taking selfie photos
  • Previous winners of the contest, and their immediate family (e.g. parents, spouses, brothers/sisters, children), are not eligible for prize consideration for five (5) years after winning the contest
  • Contest winners will be announced on the Family Days Main Stage, Central Park on Saturday
  • Selfie contest winners in the two categories: Individual, and Family or Group setting will be randomly selected as long as they meet the criteria of the contest

A big thank you to the 2019 Golden Raspberry sponsor, Nelson’s Meats.

Good luck and happy hunting!