Hopkins Raspberry Festival

Golden Raspberry Medallion

Hunt for the Golden Raspberry

Each year a medallion about the size of your palm is hidden somewhere in Hopkins during the festival. The person who finds it first earns a $500 cash prize. You must be wearing a current Raspberry Festival button to claim the prize.

Clues to finding the medallion will begin appearing Monday, July 13, 2015. The clues will be posted at Driskills and on this website at 8am each day.

The medallion will be hidden outdoors on public property within the city. It will not be hidden more than five feet high and will be visible for all to see. Property should not be damaged during the search, and festival volunteers and their families are ineligible.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Clue #1
Inch by inch, little by little you watch me grow.  I am not a garden, nor a tree.

Clue #2
Day by day we smile and wave goodbye

The Golden Raspberry has been found! It was hiding by the library at Eisenhower Community Center. Better Luck Next Year!

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