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Raspberry Royalty

The Raspberry Royalty CROWN Project

The Raspberry Royalty Crown Project is the opportunity for our Royalty to demonstrate leadership and civic service while performing a project for the benefit of their community.

This project is conceived and executed entirely by the Royalty, and it requires a significant effort on their part to fulfill. This year’s project is…

Live 4 Tomorrow 5k Walk/Run


What it is: The Hopkins Raspberry Festival Royalty have put together the Live 4 Tomorrow 5k walk/run to raise money for suicide prevention.

All the proceeds will be given to Dylan’s Hope a non-profit organization that uses the money to help educate about suicide prevention and awareness throughout Minnesota. They do this by paying for counselors to talk to large groups of students and pay for medical help that some individuals may need. For more information go to

Our reason: We have all been greatly affected by suicide in many different ways. In late 2014 the community of Hopkins lost a student to suicide. When we heard the news and talked about it we decided to do what we could to help thus creating this walk. Why we chose to donate to Dylan’s Hope is because Dylan was a family friend of Princess McKenna and his death hit their family very hard. It means a lot to them to donate to Dylan’s Hope and see the money helping other students so no one else has to go through what Dylan’s family and many other families have.

We want to help people live 4 more tomorrows. If you cant do the walk but still want to help you can donate here.

Questions? Call 952.931.0878 or e-mail the Raspberry Royalty

The Hopkins Raspberry Festival reserves the right to deny or refuse any application received.